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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Belarus cooperates in feed improvement programme

The government of Belarus has approved a draft Belarusian-Russian programme "Development of advanced resource-saving, pollution-free technologies and equipment for production of biologically high-grade animal feed" (Mixed Feed), reported the press service of the Government.

The project will provide the development of technology and equipment for the production of protein, vitamin and mineral supplements and premixes. It also involves heat treatment technology and equipment lines which will be used in six program activities.
Cost reduction
The aim of the program is to reduce costs of feed in Belarus, which as a result of the programme are to be reduced by 10-15% and use of grain for feed is also to decrease by more than by 20%. 
Therefore, it will be possible to increase feed production by 20%, without spending money to grow more maize. 
Energy use per unit of output is to be reduced by 15-20%. And most importantly, average daily weight gain of cattle for fattening of 800-1,000 g and pigs at least of 600 g is to be achieved.
The cost of newly acquired Russian technology and equipment will be almost two times lower than the elsewhere imported ones.
In addition, there will be new jobs created and cost of foreign exchange for purchase of different premixes and concentrates will be reduced to a minimum.
To implement the program within three years Belarus will invest almost 226.5 million Russian rubles (US$ 8,1 mln), including contributions from the Russian side which will are set at 147.225 m rubles (US$ 5,2 mln).

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