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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Copper sulphate with too high dioxin content

Through the Rapid alert System for Feed and Food the EU has received a warning about feed grade copper sulphate with a too high dioxin content from Romania.

Companies who recently have purchased feed grade copper sulphate in Romania or received the product through another route - specifically Belgium - are advised to check if the copper sulphate is complying with EU rules for unwanted substances.
The maximum level for unwanted substances can be found in the recently updated Directive on Undesirable Substances in Animal Feed (2002/32/EU).
The values for dioxin can be found in Section V of Commission Regulation no. 574/2011. The copper sulphate was distributed to Belarus, Belgium, Dominican Republic, France, Morocco, Netherlands and Syria. More information on the notification can be found in RASFF.

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