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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Approval of insecticide makes apple pomace edible

Thionex Insecticide received a Section 3 registration label amendment from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

With the revision, apple pomace produced from an apple crop treated with Thionex is now approved as an alternative feed source for livestock.
Apple pomace as an alternative feed source has an energy value similar to corn and hay, but with less crude protein according. It is in high demand as cost effective solution for US livestock producers with the surging corn prices and the regional shortages of hay.
Foliar insecticide
Thionex is a broad spectrum foliar insecticide with a unique mode of action registered for use on a broad range of crops, including pome fruits and vegetables and controls a variety of invasive pests.
“Apple growers can continue using Thionex as an effective control measure to combat crop-damaging pests, especially the brown marmorated stick bug which can cause significant losses upon infestation,” says Keith Miller, insecticide product manager with MANA Crop Protection.
“As an extension to that benefit, growers and apple byproduct manufacturers have the peace of mind in knowing that a crop treated with Thionex can safely enter the feed manufacturing channel in the form of apple pomace to meet demands for alternative livestock feedstuff.”
Upon formal announcement of the EPA registration revision on the Thionex product label, state registration approvals are currently pending.

Dick Ziggers

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