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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Cyprus seizes contaminated animal feed

Approximately 9,000 tonnes of soybean aminal feed that is contaminated with salmnella has been seized by the Cypriot authorties and is being stored in 10 warehouses.

The contaminated feed arrived from Argentina. Around 7,000 tonnes arrived on May 8 and the salmonella was detected on May 16. Another 1,700 tonnes had arrived from Argentina through Greece on April 24 and that batch’s bacteria was detected by May 2.

According to the Cypriot Agriculture minister, Sophoclis Aletraris, the feed is being tested to deterimine which ones are contaminated and need to be destroyed.

If salmonella is detected, there are several options available: it can be destroyed or the feed can be passed through a special chemical which kills the bacteria. It the option of the chemical is choosen then another sample will be taken to ensure the bacteria has been destroyed.

Farmers who feed their animals contaminated feed can be criminally prosecuted.

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