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News last update:23 Jan 2013

Unity Scientific NIR system integrates Ingot calibration

A new feed ingredients and finished feed analysis package from Unity Scientific, incorporates the industry leading Aunir INGOT calibrations database.


By pre-installing INGOT calibrations into its new SpectraStar NIR analysis package, Unity Scientific gives users immediate access to 350,000 samples, potentially saving them the thousands of dollars and significant time they might otherwise have to invest in developing their own calibrations.
The new SpectraStar NIR analyzer offers a scanning range of 1200 - 2400 nm in the near infrared region and comes also with a six month trial of the Aunir's SPECMAN quality control software, which collates, stores, trends, interprets and reports data to support decisions at every step of the process lifecycle.
Aunir, based in the UK, has been a feed analysis calibration supplier for more than 30 years. With calibrations for more than 70 different ingredients, INGOT calibrations cover virtually all ingredients used in a feed mill, facilitating analysis of moisture, protein, ash, fat, fibre, starch and other nutritional and physical parameters.
Finished feed calibrations are available for poultry, swine/pig, ruminants, horse, fresh/salt water fish as well as a large range of feed concentrates.
"NIR has emerged as the technology of choice by feed producers seeking quick, reliable results to control their processes and Unity is proud to have partnered with Aunir in assembling this truly unique offering," said Doug Evans, president of Unity Scientific.
Complete package
The Unity Scientific Feed Analyzer is supplied complete with instrument, pre-loaded calibrations, sample cups along with installation and training.
The calibration package covers 73 feed ingredients/raw materials and 32 finished feed types with guaranteed performance.
"The introduction of the Feed Analyzer enables feed producers who purchase this package to start running samples immediately," said Evans. "Only rarely will they ever have to assume the time and cost of creating their own calibrations."

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