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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Pan Fish ASA takes Marine Harvest name

Norwegian company Pan Fish ASA acquired Marine Harvest in March 2006 to form the world's largest fish farming organisation and from now on will use the Marine Harvest brand name.

The name for the new company will be Marine Harvest and the logo is a refreshed logo of Pan Fish. According to Pan Fish, this combines a description of what the new company is doing as much as it indicates its global ambitions. It has further been decided to use the endorsement developed by Fjord Seafood; Excellence in Seafood - which the company says very much describes an important part of its wider seafood vision.

Pan Fish acquired all outstanding shares in Marine Harvest for €1,325 million (enterprise value). The combined Pan Fish-Marine Harvest company became the world's undisputed leader in the fish farming business, with an annual salmon production of 346,000 tonnes in 2006.

Pan Fish also has bought 25.7% of the shares in Fjord Seafood from Geveran Trading, a company controlled by John Fredriksen. The combined Pan Fish-Marine Harvest company will account for approximately 20% of the world's salmon production, not including Fjord Seafood.

The new merged company will be the world's largest aquaculture company with a production of about 420,000-430,000 tonnes of salmon and trout products in 2007 in about 20 countries. The company also produces halibut, cod and yellowtail.

In addition to filet production and further processing in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Chile and Canada, the company has extended value added products activities in USA, France, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands.

The new company will have about 9,000 employees world-wide.

Recently Pan Fish announced its new organisation with global management:

Corporate management

  • Chief Executive Officer - Atle Eide as decided and communicated by the Pan Fish ASA board August 2006.
  • Chief Operational Officer - Hans den Bieman and previous CEO of Marine Harvest. The main focus for the COO will be the overall operational part of the group, but it will be a shared management approach.
  • Chief Financial Officer - Steven Rafferty (finance and IT). Rafferty is coming from the position as CFO in Marine Harvest and will formally start in his new role 1 March 2007 and will until then continue in his present roles, including integration management for the new company.
  • Director Business Development & Strategy - Thomas Farstad. Farstad had the same position in the early integration phase of Pan Fish and Fjord Seafood, and prior to that held the position of Managing Director for Fjord Seafood Norway.
  • Human Resources Director - Peter Gillies. Gillies comes from the position of learning & development Director in Nutreco, the Netherlands.
  • Technology Director - Petter Arnesen, previously Vice President of Corporate Quality and Feed in Fjord Seafood ASA.

The head office, located in Oslo, is focused, lean and designed to co-operate closely with the management teams of each business unit.

Business Unit Management

  • Jo Dekeyzer is appointed as Managing Director Business Unit Value Added Seafood Products. Dekeyzer was previously Managing Director of Fjord Seafood Europe
  • Marit Solberg is appointed as Managing Director Business Unit Norway. Solberg was previously Managing Director of Marine Harvest Norway
  • Alan Sutherland is appointed as Managing Director Business Unit Scotland. Sutherland was previously Production Director of Pan Fish Canada.
  • Torben Petersen is appointed as Managing Director Business Unit Chile. Petersen was previously Managing Director of Fjord Seafood Americas
  • Vincent Erenst is appointed as Managing Director Business Unit Canada. Erenst was previously Managing Director of Marine Harvest North America Ireland, Cold Water Species, Faroes.

Pan Fish Japan and Asia are not separate business units but report to corporate. For these organisations there are no duplications between the companies and thus no changes in the management teams.

The Managing Directors are as follows; Jan Feenstra for Marine Harvest Ireland; Ragnar Joensen for Pan Fish Faroes; Magnus Skretting for Marine Harvest Cold Water Species; Joep Kleine Staarman for Marine Harvest Asia and Charlie Wu for Pan Fish Japan.

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