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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Nutec installs automated bulk weigh system

Nutec Ltd., a contract manufacturer and packager of animal feed and medicinal products in Ireland converted from manual dumping of 20 kg bags of raw material to automated, dust-free discharging of 1 metric ton bulk bags using a bulk bag weigh batch discharger.

The new system, capable of transferring 12 metric tons per day of material supplied in bulk bags, is comprised of the following components:

1. Bulk bag discharger frame
2. 0.2 cu m capacity hopper
3. 2m long, 10 cm diameter flexible screw conveyor housed in a UHMW polyethylene tube
4. 0.8 cu m capacity transfer bin, free standing on a platform scale
5. Dust collection system
6. Control panel for gain-in-weight weigh batching of raw material

Previously, pallets of bags containing the raw material were fork lifted onto a 3 m high mezzanine, adjacent to a receiving hopper into which the bags were emptied. A 150 mm diameter Flexicon flexible screw conveyor transported the material 4.5 m to a 2 metric ton capacity blender. Because bags varied by up to 0.1 kg, the amount of additive fed to the blender was adjusted by a controller receiving weight gain signals from load cells that supported the blender. The blended compound was then conveyed for packaging into 10-25 kg bags.

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