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News last update:6 Aug 2012

China completes new GMP-certified factory

Chinese veterinary drug company Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical announced Monday that its new GMP certified production facilities have been completed and are fully operational.

According to the company, its new facilities meet or exceed all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification Standards and have received GMP Certification from the Chinese government. The new facilities cover an area of over 7.74 acres and will be able to produce 6,250 tons of microecologics /probiotics feed additives, 50 million doses of medicines in liquid form, 200 million tablets and 3,000 metric tons of powder and other forms of veterinary medicines.

New standard in China
GMP certification is a new pharmaceutical manufacturing standard in which all pharmaceutical companies must be in compliance with to be able to sell their products in China. According to the company, the increased demand for its products in recent years has been partially due to many competing firms being forced out of the industry due to these more stringent regulations.

About Skystar
Skystar's product line consists of more than 60 existing products with over 50 in the developmental stage, including what the company claims is a new feed additive and vaccine for avian influenza.

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