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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Monsanto against S. Africa biofuel plan

Monsanto criticises the decision by South Africa to exclude maize from its biofuels policy, saying it would hurt farmers and deal a blow to the government's land reform policy.

Monsanto and farmers' umbrella body Grain South Africa have both said they oppose the decision. The government cited concerns over food security when it announced its decision last week to remove maize from the list of crops that could be used in the initial stage of the long-awaited biofuels strategy.

"The fact that government presently does not support the initiative for the manufacture of ethanol from maize could possibly hold serious negative consequences for the maize industry and government's land reform policy," said Kobus Lindeque, managing director of Monsanto for sub-Saharan Africa. "We in the agricultural sector want to say to government that we are willing to assist with agricultural matters.

"Big international agribusinesses invest in the country and its economy, and government must realise that we are here to stay. For that reason we have to map the future together." Lindeque said using maize for biofuels would allow the government to settle black farmers on farms through its land eform policy with a big demand for maize that they could plant.

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