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Background last update:6 Aug 2012

The global picture

World ethanol production is predicted to reach 50 billion litres in 2006 compared to the 44.9 billion litres produced in 2005.

In the USA, the ethanol and biodiesel plants are popping up everywhere. Also Asian countries such as Thailand are investing in this industry.

According to Mr Nattapon Nattasomboom, deputy director general from the Office of Industrial Economics the projected bio fuel plants in Thailand could generate up to eleven million litres a day, which is far more than domestic requirements.

China, Africa and Canada are just some of the other countries getting in on the ethanol party.

In Europe, the picture is a little more sober as the hard figures for compliance with the 2010, 5.75% targets for market share of bio fuels show many member states trailing behind predicted progress.

Germany is at the top of the class (3.75% in 2005 against a 2% target). Sweden is progressing well (2.23% in 2005 against a predicted 3%) but otherwise, other member states have a lot of catching up to do, for example Spain (0.44 in 2005 versus a 2% target).

The European policy will remain strong in spite of continued concerns about emissions and the wish for fuel supplies from politically and economically sustainable sources (Europe imports around 50% of its energy and this is predicted to rise to 70% by 2020).

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