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News last update:6 Aug 2012

New feed mill to quadruple production

Construction of a $3 million feed mill is under way at Morrinsville feed firm Seales Ltd. In New Zealand. When it opens in July, the mill is expected to nearly quadruple the firm's output from almost 16,000 tonnes of feed a year to nearly 60,000 tonnes.

Operations manager Allen McLeod said the existing mill, which the new computer-controlled mill will complement, was operating 24 hours a day, six days a week. The project is being managed by Cemac, which began construction in November. Mr McLeod said the new mill would not create any new jobs, nor would it put anybody out of work

About Seales
Seales Ltd is Waikato's No 1 manufacture of custom blended stockfood. They manufacture dairy, calf, pig, poultry, sheep and deer feeds.
Seales are New Zealand leading certified organic poultry manufacturer and specialise in the addition of metabolics such as causmag, rumensin, zinc methionine and probiotics such as concentrated seaweed extracts along with essential trace minerals, e.g. cobalt and selenium. Seales sell a wide range of animal feed including bird seed, whole and crushed grains. Seales are also manufacturers of the leading dry berley on the New Zealand market- Murphy's No 1 Fish Berley.

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