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News last update:6 Aug 2012

South Africa to allow US distillers grains

The doors are very close to opening for commercial shipments of US distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) to South Africa, according to the US Grains Council.

A South African feed industry representative is exploring the opportunity to import a sample of Amreican DDGS – one to two containers – for feeding trials in both ruminant and monogastric rations, the US Grain Council's (USGC) Mediterranean and African office reports.

In March, Dr. David Hutcheson, a US-based ruminant nutritionist and expert in the use of grain co-products, discussed the use of DDGS in ruminant feeds at the African Feed Millers Association (AFMA). More than 200 feed millers, grain importers and researchers attended Hutcheson's presentation.

Constraints to American DDGS imports include the lack of industry familiarity with DDGS and limited vessel traffic between the United States and South Africa. However, the market potential for DDGS is strong in South Africa where the worst drought conditions in 15 years are negatively affecting corn yields. South Africa is expected to produce 6.9 million tonnes of corn this year, down from an initial projection of 10 million tonnes.

DDGS sales to Japan
Sales of US DDGS are on the rise in Japan, reaching 16,147 metric tonnes during the first two months of the year, according to the US Grains Council. The Grains Council is strongly promoting the use of DDGS in Japan through meetings with feed companies and livestock producers and by organising workshops for interested parties.

The Council estimates Japan could import up to 90,000 tons of DDGS a year by 2008 as the market becomes more familiar with the grain product.

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