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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Monsanto invests millions in new GM soy

Monsanto plans to invest $28 million over five years in the development of a new genetically modified (GM) soy variety in Brazil, combining resistance to insects with herbicide tolerance.

The new soy plants would be resistant to Velvetbean caterpillar , the major pest of soybeans in Brazil and Argentina.

Monsanto Brasil's president, Alfonso Alba, told reporters the new soy variety would bring economic benefits worth $1 billion a year in Latin America's farming giant, given current productivity losses of seven percent due to the pest.

As for herbicides, the beans would have a second-generation 'Roundup Ready' tolerance to glyphosate-based toxins. Beans with first-generation tolerance are already widely used in Brazil. The second generation use of the glyphosate tolerant gene allows for greater soybean yields, reported Reuters.

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