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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Trade pessimistic on GM-soy approval

Grain traders and feed manufacturers in Europe do not expect that imports of soybeans will commence again after the EU approved three genetically modified corn varieties.

Because GM-corn Mir 604 is still banned for importation into the EU American soybean suppliers keep avoiding the European Union, said European grain traders organisation Coceral and feed manufacturers organisation Fefac.
The European Commission approved three types of GM-corn: Mon 88017, Mon 89034 and 59122xNK603.
Because traces of these types of corn were found in soybean shipments from the US more than 200,000 tonnes of soy is anchored in European ports.
Soy imports from the US have been halted for several months now. In the past from October to March some 6 to 7.5 million tonnes of soybeans were imported into the EU.
Shipments of soybeans with traces of the recently approved GM-corns types will be released soon a spokesman of Coceral said. “But as long as GM-corn Mir 604 not is allowed imports will not commence again. The risk of mingling is too high for the suppliers.”

Dick Ziggers

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