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News last update:6 Aug 2012

GMO companies join in maize development

BASF and Monsanto have announced they are joining forces to develop and commercialise genetically modified (GM) maize with improved characteristics for animal feeding.

The new hybrids will contain BASF's NutriDense® traits that are designed to enhance animal feed performance.

NutriDense corn has higher levels of essential amino acids and energy, greater phosphorous availability and is more digestible.
These traits will be combined with Monsanto's Roundup Ready® Genuity VT Triple PRO and Genuity SmartStax corn.
The new high quality hybrids are expected to deliver the best feed value and yields equivalent to elite conventional corn.
Once launched, seed companies will market the new hybrids through licensing agreements.
Corn growers may benefit from the premium pricing opportunity on the product from animal feed operations.
Roughly 45% of the corn grown in the United States is used as animal feed, with the majority being fed specifically to swine or poultry. A better nutritional composition of the grain fed to the animal reduces costs and waste.

Dick Ziggers

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