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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Consortium needed for Urea and its derivatives

In order to obtain regular 10-year authorization for feed additives (regulation 1831/2003), companies should complete an authorization dossier to European Commission and EFSA by November 2010. If no dossier is prepared for a feed additive and submitted to the EU-authorities before the 07 November 2010 deadline, the use of this feed additive will be banned from the EU market.

To ease the process, companies can join consortia for certain groups of feed additives. So far, no coordinated action for getting Urea and its derivatives re-authorized had been proposed to the industry. Taking this situation into consideration, Fefana was willing to establish a consortium for the reauthorization of Urea and its derivatives to be used in feed, namely UREAC EEIG. However, the formation of the consortium had been failed mainly due to the lack of interest shown by the industry. Very few companies applied to UREAC and participants refused to continue if no other companies active in the feed business would join.

It has therefore been decided to organize a second formation meeting in September 2009. As the preparation of the dossier remains a huge challenge in terms of time and involvement, only a concerted action by the whole industry will make it possible for Urea and its derivatives to stay on the feed market from November 2010 onwards.

As the November 2010 deadline is getting closer and closer, Fefana strongly invites the feed business operators (e.g. manufacturers, importers and downstream users of Urea and its derivatives) to take part in the formation meeting and join the grouping. Fefana can be contacted at before 09 September 2009 in order to get the necessary information about UREAC EEIG. The formation meeting is to be held in Brussels on 15 September 2009.

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