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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Soy more expensive in Sept: EU feed experts

The European feed industry is afraid that imported soybeans will become more expensive from September through March, Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reports.

The imports from the United States, very important in this winter period, may be in danger due to a zero tolerance on transgenic raw materials. Recently, a shipment of soymeal was found in the German state of Lower Saxony, containing traces of an, in the EU not allowed, transgenic variety by Monsanto.

The contamination came down to a mixture with widespread varieties Mon88017 and MIR604, which is hardly possible to prevent by Northern American suppliers.

EU experts have hitherto not been able to reach an agreement about the admission of imports. Only after the summer, new discussions will take place.

Jurgen Pullens, director of communications, Nutreco, said: "In case Europe does not say goodbye to zero tolerance – or at least eases legislation, we fear that high prices for soy will also push up cost prices for compound feed."

"It remains to be seen whether that will increase the market price for compound feed or whether feed mills will be happy with lower margins."


Some ingredients, like e.g. grains, may partly be adequate replacers as to protein sources. For poultry nutrition, high quality proteins are also essential.

Alternative soy supplies have to come from South America, but offers from Argentina and Brazil are small. In Argentina, drought has caused small harvest and Brazil ships most of its soy to China.

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