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News last update:6 Aug 2012

The Planet versus Monsanto

Forbes Magazine features Monsanto as its Company of the Year. Monsanto's first round of attackers said its seeds were evil. Now the charge is that Monsanto's seeds are too good.

Over time the protests have mellowed, and the legal impediments to GM are gradually falling. It didn't make sense for a hungry planet to reject tools to increase the productivity of farmers.
Much of Europe, while still forbidding the planting of GM crops, permits the importation of foods made from them.
But now Monsanto has a new round of enemies. This time its supposed sin is making seeds that are too good. The company has something too close to a monopoly in some seed markets.
The public is hard to please, isn't it? But Monsanto perseveres. It has been in biotech long enough to develop a thick corporate skin.
Read the whole article, written by Robert Langreth and Matthew Herper on the online channel of Forbes.


Dick Ziggers

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