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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Deadline for re-authorisation feed additives is nearing

November 8 is the date for the final submission of dossiers on feed additives that need to be re-registered according to regulation (EU) 1831/2003, less than four weeks from today.

At the end of 2003 Regulation (EC) 1831/2003 regarding feed additives in animal feed was published.
In this manuscript it was announced that within 7 years after implementation of this regulation a request for renewal of admittance of feed additives is required. This 7-year period is ending on 8 November 2010.
Dossiers on feed additives for re-registration that have not been submitted before that date will be pulled of the market. It is expected that a ‘sale’-period will be granted.
Dossiers are currently being filed in large numbers. Companies as well as industry associations try to submit as many dossiers as possible before the deadline.
After 8 November 2010
How a dossier should look like is regulated in Commission Regulation (EC) No 429/2008. Through this link you will find a digital form for requesting re-authorisation from the Commission. This page also contains useful information on building a dossier.
If is feed manufacturer is in doubt about using specific additives after November 8 he should ask his supplier. One can also go to the Community Register of Feed Additives.
For products of which re-authorisation has not been filed in time the ‘normal’ procedure for authorisation can be followed. A request is then considered to be for a new authorisation. The same form can be used as for the re-authorisation procedure.

Dick Ziggers

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