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News last update:6 Aug 2012

GM decision in Western Australia criticised

Premier Colin Barnett of Western Australia has been accused of hiding damaging letters from European grain traders, which state that they would not be willing to buy grain from Western Australia if GM crops are grown.

According to anti-GM lobby group Gene Ethics, in a letter dated February 26, three European grain traders told Barnett they would not buy WA grain if GM canola is grown.
Gene Ethics claims that Barnett and Agriculture Minister Redman hid this letter from the Lower House during the disallowance debate on March 10.
"They hid the letter which could have affected the vote that passed approval for GM canola by the slim margin of 26 votes to 24”, Gene Ethics director Bob Phelps said.
"They had a clear duty to disclose the letter's existence and its contents before the disallowance vote.”
Japan committed to buy GM-free
And in another letter to the Premier sent last week Japanese buyers have renewed their commitment to buy GM-free canola.
In the state of Victoria last season, farmers who produced GM-free canola were paid up to $15 per tonne more than farmers who grew GM, according to Phelps.
Grain traders Elders Toepfer and CBH said they have markets for GM-free in Europe and Japan that would not tolerate GM contaminated supplies.
Source: The Land

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