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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Livelihood of Ugandan poultry farmers threatened by feed prices

The rising animal and poultry feed prices is hitting poultry processors and farmers in Uganda hard. A kilogramme of maize bran has gone up from Ush800 (33 US Cents) to Ush1800 (75 US Cents) and that also depends on where you are buying your feeds.

This has forced many farmers and feeds companies out of business in different parts of the country while others have resorted to selling off immature birds at very high prices.

There is also an issue of fake feeds arriving on the market. This fake feed has a huge affect on egg production capacity of layers. Instead of mixing pure grinded silver minnow fish, some dealers grind fish fins, bones and scales while others have resorted to adding sorghum flour that have no nutrient value for the chickens.

Poultry feeds dealers have attributed the price hike to the increase in exportation of maize grains to especially South Sudan, and the cost of transport from the points of production has also shot up, brought on by the high fuel prices.

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