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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Meghna to make soybean meal

A Bangladesh commodity giant will make soybean meal in an attempt to cater to demands of the local feed mills mostly dependent on the import of raw materials to make feed for poultry, fish and cattle.

Meghna Group of Industries says it is setting up an oilseed crushing mill to extract edible oil and soybean meal used by the local feed mills at nearly 100,000 tonnes per month.
More than 80% of the total requirement for the soybean meal, the second most used item after maize to make feed, is met through imports from India, feed industry insiders say.
Reduce import
“Our venture will help reduce import dependence of the local feed mills,'' said Mostafa Kamal, chairman and managing director of Meghna Group that venture into the essential commodity market after cement and bottled water manufacturing.
The group has already begun setting up a plant - Meghna Seed Crushing Mills - at Meghnaghat, Sonargaon, 25 kilometres away from Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka.
The mill is expected to kick off production by the end of the year with a capacity to crush 2,500 tonnes soybean and other oil seeds daily.
Second in the country
Meghna's will be the second seed crushing plant in Bangladesh after the City Group one that is already supplying soybean meal to feed mills.
Kamal said bulk of the soybean meal is now imported from Maharastra, India and it takes days to come, leading to a deterioration of quality. ''We will be able to provide better quality meal at competitive prices.''

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