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Pakistan University establishes feed mill

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Agricultural University in Peshawar, Pakistan, has established a feed mill as part of its Feed Technology and Research Centre.

The centre consists of a mill house, seven laboratories, two class rooms, three offices and two experimental animal houses for practical training of students on feed manufacturing and feed analysis and research.
The cost estimate of the Centre is Rs 39.34 million (€320,000) and a revolving fund of Rs.1.20 million (€9,700) has been sanctioned for operating the feed mills. LTC has already contributed in training of stake holders in feed technology and will help in human resource development of farmers.
The accessible dairy, livestock and poultry farmers will be served through these activities and beyond supply of specialized high quality, cost-effective feed, whereas the faculty members will extend services like disease diagnosis, fertility management, breed improvement and management practices.
Model for agriculture
The centre will serve as a model and will foster establishment of feed mills in private sector of the province through technical support services.
The farmers will be persuaded for registration with the Faculty for the special services package. In this connection, the expertise of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (Smeda), an organization working under the auspices of the Ministry of Industries and Production will be extended through joint ventures for business development of farmers and other stakeholders engaged in value addition and marketing activities. This will be helpful for local farmers in developing their business activities resulting in production of clean food and enhanced income generation.
The Charles Stuart University, Australia has been extending cooperation for this outreach program. The Vice Chancellor, Dr. Khan Bahadur while speaking on the occasion, appreciated the efforts of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences and assured his support for such type of novel activities.

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    Prof M Subhan Qureshi

    This Unit has been established as a linkage between the academia and the industry. The farmers do not have access to high quality cheaper feed and they even do not trust the suppliers and manufacturers because of their experience when they good quality food in the beginning from a supplier but that is not maintained in the future.

    I am supervising the project as Dean of the Faculty of AH and Vet Sciences and seek partnership of all community and business support organizations in making it successful.

    Prof M Subhan Qureshi

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