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Feedlogic data platform for feedmills

Feedlogic Corporation, a of intelligent solutions for livestock production, has launched MyFarm, a new internet-based open platform for collecting and managing data from livestock production sites and feed mills.

MyFarm allows multiple users in the livestock production supply chain to access the data they need to manage their operations more efficiently. It is built in a way which allows many other applications to work with it.

“By using an Internet cloud-based platform, we have created a simpler way of connecting people with the information they need,” said Drew Ryder, Feedlogic president. “Our customers have asked us for actionable data at a reasonable cost. We can deliver on that because our platform does not require customers and their suppliers to purchase proprietary software for multiple locations.”

MyFarm will initially have a number of applications related to feed management. It integrates with apps including:

  • FeedMeter – an app from Feedlogic which allows real-time tracking of feed usage at production sites.
  • FeedAlert – an app from Feedlogic which alerts users when there is a feed outage or when excessive feed usage is occurring.
  • MyBin – an app from Feedlogic which tracks and manages feed inventories in bins on farm.
  • Feed Allocation System (FAS) – an app from software company PrairiE Systems which manages feed budgets and feed ordering for swine production systems.


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