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News last update:6 Aug 2012

ADM and Wilmar partner on fertilizer, ocean freight and tropical oil refining

The two companies announced that they will collaborate on several strategic businesses: fertilizer, ocean freight and tropical oil refining, to expand their presence in Asia as well as globally.

Memorandum of understanding outlines plans to leverage both companies’ strengths
Archer Daniels Midland and Wilmar announced this week the signing of a memorandum of understanding, indicating their intent to work together in a strategic partnership in global fertilizer purchasing and distribution, global ocean freight operations, and tropical oils refining in Europe.
Collaborations between ADM and Wilmar began in the mid-1990s, when they jointly built a network of soybean processing operations in China.
Today, ADM owns a 16 percent equity stake in Wilmar. The companies have significant supplier relationships with each other.
The recent memorandum of understanding says that:
  • in the global fertilizer business: the companies will collaborate on purchasing and distribution
  • in ocean freight: they will partner to improve the utilization and management of their shipping fleets, with each company initially contributing two ships to the effort
  • tropical oil refining in Europe: they will work together to optimize refining capacity utilization.
The memorandum of understanding is subject to the execution of definitive agreements with respect to the strategic partnership. ADM and Wilmar will look to finalize the definitive agreements over the next few months.
ADM chairman and CEO Patricia Woertz said, “We have an excellent relationship with Wilmar’s leadership, and we see Wilmar as a key partner, especially in our strategy to serve growing Asian demand for agricultural products. Our teams are currently working together on many projects, and we look forward to finding more opportunities to work with our friends and partners at Wilmar.”
Mr. Kuok Khoon Hong, Wilmar’s chairman and CEO, said, “Our long association with ADM and the ability of both companies to tap on each other’s synergies, helped build our successful Asian operations. It is now the intention to extend that co-operation globally, initially in the areas outlined in our memorandum of understanding.”

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