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French farmers sue two companies in phosphate cartel

The farmers union of Brittany in France (FRSEA) has decided to initiate a lawsuit against two companies of the group Roullier, convicted in 2010 for anticompetitive practices with phosphates for animal feed.

In 2010, FRSEA said in a statement, the European Commission had ordered 13 companies for their participation in an anti-competitive agreement in the phosphate market for animal feed.
"For 35 years, companies have agreed on sharing of production volumes, prices, sales conditions and even on the geographical distribution of customers and sales territories," said the FRSEA.
"Two French companies belonging to the group Roullier, CFPR and TIMAB, took part in the cartel and was fined nearly €60 million. The end users of phosphates incorporated into the animal feeds, the farmers, were the victims of this agreement. "
"Given the importance of livestock in our area, the FRSEA of Brittany has decided to pursue legal action against TIMAB and CFPR order to recognize the crime committed by these companies against Brittany livestock breeders," the statement said.

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    Sad to say almost all industrial inputs we used to create another business are under cartel groups from fuel, soy beans, corn, phosphate, etc. even livestock producers are engage in cartel. Sad but it's true.

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