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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Wirifa Sakti launches feed for sheep and goat

Although the business of sheep and goat in Indonesia is not becoming an integrated industry yet, the population of sheep and goat is growing from year to year, especially in Java.

PT Wirifa Sakti, a company of Evialis group located in Surabaya, East Java, sees this growth as the opportunity to diversify their animal feed products.
Recently in Jombang, East Java, PT Wirifa Sakti launched Ovilis, a pellet feed for fattening of sheep and goat, and Protelis-Ovi, a pellet feed for dairy goat, both supplied in 25 kg bags.
According to Priastoetie, Marketing Manager of PT Wirifa Sakti, these feeds are not to substitute 100% forage in sheep or goat diet. “It is only about 10% of total diet,” she said.
The results of trials in some sheep and goat farms in East Java, informed Priastoetie, sheep or goat fed with Ovilis will have better average daily gain. While dairy goat fed with Protelis-Ovi will have better milk production. (Arif Fachrudin)

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