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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Nutreco publishes 'Sustainability Vision 2020'

Global animal nutrition and fish feed company Nutreco has issued its Sustainability Vision 2020. Making sustainability an integral part of everyday business will ensure Nutreco can contribute to the Feeding the Future challenge: feeding nine billion people sustainably in 2050.

The Sustainability Vision 2020 will be executed during the coming eight years, thus raising the sustainability level of Nutreco's activities and products.
The priority is emphasised in the Nutreco strategy revealed in November 2011: 'Ambition 2016-driving sustainable growth'.
Sustainability is identified as one of four focus areas that will drive the company's growth and increase the EBITA to €400 million by 2016.
The Nutreco Sustainability Vision 2020 is organised in four areas:
  1. Ingredients: creating a sustainable base for feed;
  2. Operations: ensuring our own house is in order;
  3. Nutritional solutions: enabling the farmer and animal to perform best;
  4. Commitment: involving people in the Feeding the Future challenge.
Each area sub-divides into three practical themes. For example,
  • ingredients includes sustainable sourcing,
  • operations includes reducing environmental impact in our own operations,
  • the area nutritional solutions e.g. includes animal & human health, and
  • commitment includes employee and stakeholder engagement.
AquaVision 2012: Kofi Annan key note speaker
Since 1996 Nutreco organises every year a major business conference, alternating between AquaVision and Agri Vision.
The conferences bring leading decision makers and other stakeholders in the aquaculture and agriculture industries together in a neutral forum.

Sustainability has featured on the programme consistently since the first conference in 1996.

AquaVision 2012, 11-13 June in Stavanger (Norway), will again focus on the challenge of feeding nine billion people sustainably by 2050.

This has attracted top flight speakers including former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan and Assistant Director General at FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Arni M. Mathiesen.

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