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News last update:6 Aug 2012

UPDATE: Feed shortage leads to livestock losses in Kyrgyzstan

Due to lack of feed in Kyrgyzstan 40,000 head of livestock died of starvation. Also the local farmers slaughtered 14,000 animals to avoid their death from starvation.

Experts estimate that over the past two weeks the problem has worsened mostly due to the reckless use of feed reserves from the Chui valley, in the central part of country which caused the shortage of feed spreading far beyond the country's southern areas.
To the additional purchase of barley in Chui Oblast the Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Finance has allocated 12 million soms (US$ 240,000). 
“But in the Chui region currently is no more hay, which is the main feed for our animals,” said Samir Osmonaliyev, head of the Department of Agriculture of the Government Office.
“According to our information, farmers from Chui Valey also faced shortage of barley and feed wheat which we didn’t expect," he said.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, mostly sheep and goats died from starvation totalling about 32,200 heads. Also 4,775 heads of cattle, 2,330 horses and 622 yaks died due to the feed shortage.

According to official estimates the damage of Kyrgyzstan livestock from natural disasters exceed 370 million soms (about US$ 8.2 mln).

The greatest damage suffered farmers of the southern regions of the country, as well as the Naryn region.

Prices tripled
Prices for feed for the last three month almost tripled and the situation can only be resolved by purchasing feed in Kazakhstan.

According to experts due to the crisis the number of livestock in Kyrgyzstan will be reduced by 10% -12%, compared with the end of 2011. 

According to preliminary estimates need for the purchase of feed, the government will allocate about 500 mln soms (US 10 mln).

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