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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Vietnam imported two thirds of it's raw material in 2011

Vietnam spent a total of $3.7 billion to import 8.9 million tonnes of materials for animal feed production in 2011, accounting for 62% of the total materials used in the country's animal feed production sector.

The figures were provided by Le Ba Lich, chairman of the Vietnam Animal Feeds Association.
In details, the country imported 4.8 million tonnes of protein-rich materials like soy-beans and processed animal protein powder and other 3.8 million tonnes of materials which can be produced or replaced by domestic products including 870,000 tonnes of corn; 570,000 tonnes of rice bran and 2.3 million tonnes of wheat , Lich said. “This has been the weakness of the sector over the past years and made the domestic livestock husbandry less effective,” he said.
Lack of planting land for animal feed and farming is considered to be the main reason for the high import value and volume of material for feed production.

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