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Bank of America supports end of animal farming

Bank of America recently announced another partnership with the Humane Society of the United States after releasing a new HSUS-themed credit card. HSUS is a radical animal rights group advocating the end of animal farming.

This new credit card provides the radical animal rights organization with $60 for every new account opened and an additional 25 cents for every $100 spent.
This week, the Animal Agriculture Alliance wrote to Bank of America's President Brian Moynihan to request that the bank stop funding animal rights organizations such as HSUS that seek to eliminate animal agriculture.
The Alliance, a Bank of America customer, wrote to Mr. Moynihan on June 18 and explained it would be forced to reconsider its relationship with Bank of America if it continued to support groups that unfairly attack the way of life of America's farmers and ranchers. The Alliance has not yet received a response.
The Animal Agriculture Alliance has encouraged its members and other stakeholders in the agriculture industry to write to their local Bank of America and share the true agenda of animal rights extremists.
The ultimate goal of groups such as HSUS is to put a stop to America’s animal agriculture industry. This goal does not reflect the values of most Americans.
The Animal Agriculture Alliance, a non-profit organization, is a broad-based coalition of individual farmers, ranchers, producer organizations, suppliers, packer-processors, scientists, veterinarians, and retailers.

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    From Wikipedia: Former chief executive officer John Hoyt once declared, "We are not a vegetarian organization, and as a matter of policy do not consider the utilization of animals for food to be either immoral or inappropriate -- a position that, as you might expect, earns us a great deal of criticism from various animal rights organizations"

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    Butch Gillespie

    The ramifications of this are going to be so opposite of what so many think will happen. Many small family farmers and ranchers are going to be seriously harmed by HSUS trying to take out agriculture. For HSUS, I am afraid that it is more about raising money for HSUS than helping animals or improving our food sources. Our food supply is second to none and is getting more efficient all the time. I have seen starving people in 3rd world countries and it is not a pretty site. I am all for improvement but lets not do away with a very efficient system that produces safe food at a very resonable price. I say support our farm and ranch families and challenge HSUS to really go out and do what they protray they are all about.

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    Prof M Subhan Qureshi

    The idea of ending animal farming is amazing. This globe is dominated by human being who has been sent from the heavens in the form of Adam and Eve. The resources have been kept in the earth and the surroundings for meeting human needs for food, shelter, etc. Animals are one of such commodities providing food, clothing and other needs of the human beings. We can not imagine a world without animal farms. How can we feed the 6 billion people without milk, meat and eggs? I would advocate animal welfare instead of animal rights. The great prophet Muhammad has advised us to keep the animal comfortable and get all the benefits out of it for the welfare of the people. In addition all the prophets sent by God for guidance of the people, have been given the task of animals keeping so that they could develop the desired patience for leading their respective people.

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    Dr.Vasudeo Sidhaye,Pune ,INDIA

    "Ending Animal Agriculture" What a fanetastic idea!only American citizen(few %) can think in this manner.World known bank is supporting this idea means
    a big natural disastrous is seen ahead.
    People who are in this fray are really human beings ?--a subject for discussion world wide.
    Anything remainings of the plant which is nonedible to human is eaton by these great bio-factories and convert to easily digestible animal protein to human beings is totally forgotten by this group and bank. If all these left over of the plant is being decmposed on the earth then what will happen to the environment--a situation to be thought of very carefully.
    Dr.Vasudeo Sidhaye ,Pune, India.

  • Jane Smith

    Good initiative by Bank of America. However, The financials including Bank of America (BAC) have recently paused after a strong rally in the prior 18 months. A consolidation for the stock

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