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News last update:6 Aug 2012

New feed mill to boost Fiji's agricultural production

The commissioning of the feed mill at Koronivia Research Station (KRS) in Fiji this week will assist the Department of Agriculture improve the quality and standard of agricultural services and production on the island.

The new feed mill will provide various types of quality livestock feed for poultry and dairy and beef cattle for better quality prime meat, through quality research.
In commissioning the new $850,000 feed mill, Minister for Primary Industries, Joketani Cokanasiga said that the feed mill is an important part of the Department of Agriculture's efforts to deliver quality services and improve agricultural production in the country.
With a 250 kg batch mixer the capacity of the mill is about 1.0 to 1.5 tonnes of feed per hour.
"These facilities will therefore undertake various researches in feed formulation; to test quality and availability of ingredients that can be grown by farmers," Cokanasiga said.
"At present, raw ingredients for livestock feed that are available in the market have to be imported. We hope that through more research, we will be able to process locally available ingredients which will reduce the cost of feeds," Cokanasiga added.
Cokanasiga hopes that the initiative and research findings will be a precursor to setting up of other feed mills by others in the private sector who might be prepared to use the findings of KRS Feed Mill, and improve upon the feed formula.
"The research work that this feed mill will be undertaking has direct correlation to other sectorial policies within the department. Among these are the use of locally available agro-industrial by-products to formulate feed ration for all types and all class of farm animals to ensure and contribute to high levels of livestock production and productivity," he said.
The feed mill can produce different types of animal feed for different types of livestock and poultry and has different types of dies to be able to produce and deliver different pellet sizes.

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