News last update:6 Aug 2012

Increase EU grain production in 2007

This year's grain crop in the 27-member European Union is forecasted at 284.9 million tonnes, slightly up on its month ago forecast of 284.3 million and still up 9% on 2006.

The analysts put EU-27 soft wheat output at 127.7 million tonnes, little changed from last month and up 10% on the EU-27 total last year of 116.4 million tonnes. The EU-25 wheat crop in 2007 was put at 119.1 million tonnes, up 10% on 108.3 million tonnes last year.

Favourable weather
The analysts said very few crop estimates for 2007 had been published, and that the forecasts assumed favourable weather. "The situation would become explosive if yields fell to the level of 2006; on the other hand the situation would become heavy if yields matched the high level of 2004," it said.

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