News last update:6 Aug 2012

Wenger produces its 600th preconditioner

Wenger Manufacturing recently announced the production of the 600th DDC (Differential Diameter Cylinder) Preconditioner to come off the Wenger assembly line since the product was patented and introduced in 1987.

The Wenger DDC Preconditioner has a compact design for ease of retrofit; easy access for sanitation and inspection; uniform processing; enhanced flavor development; constant speed; high starch gelatinization values achieved for maximum extrusion rates and extended life of extruder parts; high mixing intensity; no product build-up on paddles; and optimal mixing.

According to LaVon Wenger, president of the company, "The DDC has been incredibly successful because it offers such uncompromised pre-moistening and preheating of the dry recipes ahead of the extruder barrel. One marker of its success has been the fact that this has been one of the most copied patents that we've owned."

Sizes range from 56 liters to 3,060 liters which can process meal throughputs ranging from 50 – 24,000 kg/hr. Retention time of the recipe in the DDC Preconditioner can be controlled from as little as 30 seconds to as long as 8 minutes.

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