News last update:7 Aug 2012

HST Feeds takes first Euro 4 Volvo truck

HST Feeds in Crewe, UK, has bought its first Euro 4 Volvo feed truck. The truck was supplied by Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd.

For HST Feeds their new Volvo FM 480 vehicle is not only the first Euro 4 Volvo to operate within the region, it is also the first Volvo truck in their fleet.

After operating various other brands over the years, logistics manager, Julian Heaton explained, "The Company has never owned a Volvo truck before, but having spoken to a number of hauliers in our industry, Volvo have been recommended time and time again."

After careful consideration the company opted for SCR technology, instead of EGR, meet Euro 4 emission legislation. Julian stated that, "SCR seems to be far more cost effective than EGR, in terms of reliability and fuel consumption."

Based in Crewe, Cheshire, HST Feeds are manufacturers of animal feed for the dairy and poultry industry. Their new vehicle will be used to transport a range of feed products to farms across the North-West of England and surrounding areas.

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