News last update:6 Aug 2012

Students analyse trends in pet industry

Students of Animal Management at Van Hall Larenstein Leeuwarden in the Netherlands have been commissioned by the trade magazine Pets International to make a study of worldwide marketing trends in the domestic pets sector.

The fourth-year students will be looking at pet food, accessories, trade in live animals and pet care. Their predictions will be presented in 2008 at the Global Pets Forum that will take place in Lyon or Madrid.

Worldwide study
'It's standard market research, but on a worldwide scale, which is quit unique in this sector,' said Marnix Rietberg, lecturer in Animal Management. 'This collaboration enables Companion Animal Management to broaden its study possibilities without it costing us a thing. The thesis assignments are financed by Pets International.'

Pets International magazine has 150 people working in different countries, told Rietberg. 'The Global Forum organised by Pets International will be attended by the two hundred most important producers in the pet food branch.'

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