News last update:6 Aug 2012

Feed expo attracts many, shows few novelties

The 2011 International Feed Expo (Expo), organized by the American Feed Industry Association in conjunction with the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association's International Poultry Expo, attracted more than 20,000 visitors this year.

The event featured a series of speakers and educational programs, and more than 900 exhibitors displayed the latest in products and technologies that are beneficial to the feed, pet food and poultry industries.
According to the expo management the visitors came from over 100 different countries. "This year's Expo offered attendees a range of substantive programming and events to make their time in Atlanta as compelling as possible, on top of the hundreds of exhibits on the show floor," said Joel G. Newman, AFIA president and CEO.
Conference attendees received regulatory and legislative updates from industry leaders and key federal decision-makers as well as gained knowledge and insight during the Expo and related educational programs.
Exhibition less important
The International Feed Expo is part of the International Poultry Expo and with about 20% of exhibition space only covers a small part of the total exhibition.
Only a few companies displayed their main feed manufacturing equipment, of which the Chinese companies Muyang and Zhengchang were clearly visible. Also California Pellet Mill had a large display.
Visitors are attracted with conferences and seminars, which are held before and during show hours. The displays are more intended for companies to meet their customers. Very few novelties were to be seen.
New enzyme product
The only real launch in the feed area was a new enzyme combination from Dansico, intended for corn-soybean diets with additional DDGS content.
The product is called Axtra xap and consists of a blend of fibre degrading xylanase, starch degrading amylase and protein degrading protease enzymes.
The product is especially intended for the US market and registered as such. Further registration in other parts of the world is in progress.

Dick Ziggers

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