News last update:6 Aug 2012

Dinnissen introduces flexible extrusion line

Dinnissen Process Technology presented its Magi-N.ext, a brand new extruder line concept for the pet food and feed industry, for the first time at the Victam 2011.

With Magi-N.ext, Dinnissen is targeting pet food and feed producers who wish to use a single production line for producing economic/basic, premium and super-premium pet foods and feeds.
The Magi-N.ext enables these producers to do so in a customer-focused and cost-effective manner, while at the same time complying precisely with their desired quality and hygiene standards within a multi-flexible framework.
Fast and efficient changeover
In developing the Magi-N.ext, Dinnissen focused on achieving maximum flexibility of the entire extrusion process in order to provide producers with maximum freedom when it comes to combining, varying and switching all the components of their production line.
The new system actually provides users with the unique possibility of using a single production line to produce economic/basic, premium and super-premium pet foods and feeds in a practically unlimited number of variations.
Large inspection hatches and easy-to-clean facilities are built into the entire line, allowing the producer to change over to a new product or recipe with very little effort and in record time.
Moisture is removed from the production line at several locations, limiting ‘product fouling' and cleaning time to a minimum. The end result is that the Magi-N.ext is an extremely flexible, cost-effective and hygienic operating system.
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Dick Ziggers

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