News last update:7 Aug 2012

First the turkeys and then the feed mill

A recently announced industrial expansion is expected to have a big impact on the farm economy in southern Indiana, USA, where Farbest Foods is to break ground on a turkey processing plant in Knox County that will provide more than 300 jobs. A feed mill is to follow.

Once the operation is running in 2014 it will pour millions more into the agriculture economy in the Wabash Valley. Farbest Foods will be putting up a new $70-million turkey processing plant.
Farbest officials say that once their plant is up and running it will process 18,000 turkeys every shift.
That means they'll be looking for growers and farmers to provide the corn and soybeans to feed those birds.
That should translate into $30 million in corn purchases and $15 million for soybeans each year. Numbers that are music to the ears of developers and farmers alike.
Farbest will source its raw materials for feed and turkeys in a 100 mile radius from the new plant and is still looking for a location for a new $20 million feed mill.

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