News last update:6 Aug 2012

Scotsburn Co-op in Canada shuts down feed production

Nova Scotia, Canada based Scotsburn Co-operative Services feed mill will be ceasing its operations in early February, says President and CEO Mel MacConnell.

The company entered into an agreement with Co-Operative Atlantic to manufacture and distribute feed for its store and customers.
“We will continue to sell feed out of our store here in Scotsburn,” said MacConnell. “Bulk customers, who buy bulk feed, will be serviced from Co-Op Atlantic’s mill.”
MacConnell said the aging 65-year-old mill and the declining number of beef, dairy and hog farmers in the area contributed to the closure.
“In the feed-manufacturing side business, it is very capital intensive,” said MacConnell.
“When we looked at our operation here, we knew we were going to have to invest heavily and we felt that a better option for our customers as well as our shareholders was to enter into an agreement with someone who is investing in a new mill.”
MacConnell said that Co-Op Atlantic is currently building a new mill in Moncton and has an established mill in Truro.
MacConnell said seven people worked in the feed mill. One person will work for Co-Op Atlantic, three individuals have taken other positions within the company and three others chose severance packages as they were close to retirement or wanted to explore other career options.

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