News last update:6 Aug 2012

Suguna unfolds plans for diversification

Indian poultry processor Suguna Poultry Farm, the flagship company of the Coimbatore-based Suguna Group, plans to diversify into ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products. It is also planning to produce feeds for aqua, cattle and pets.

In The Hindu, Mr. Soundararajan said Suguna Poultry Farm had 25 feed mills, which, at present, where producing 1,7 million tonnes of poultry feed per annum.
The company would be investing additional funds into these feeding mills to expand its capacity to produce other feeds for aqua, cattle and pets.
The group would be investing Rs.10 billion (€14.4 million) in the next five years for the proposed expansion plans and Suguna Poultry Farm would be renamed to Suguna Foods Limited, he added.

Suguna Poultry Farm, had invested Rs.100 million (€1.44m) each in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to set up feed mills and Rs.850 million (€12.5m)  in a vaccine manufacturing facility for poultry in Hyderabad.

The poultry products will be launched under the brand names Suguna Hombites and Suguna Anytime.

The company also planned to open 95 “Suguna Daily Fressh” retail outlets across Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Bangalore, according to B. Soundararajan, Chairman, Suguna Group.

On the existing businesses, Mr. Soundararajan said the company had already been producing and marketing 50,000 tonnes of soybean oil per year in Nagpur under the brand name Mother's Delight.

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