News last update:6 Aug 2012

Homogeneous mixing of sticky ingredients

In cooperation with its clients, Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new variant of the well-known Pegasus® Continuous Mixer. The Pegasus mixes sticky liquids with a high sugar content (syrups) with dry powders such as flakes, flour and wheat meal.

The mizer can even mix sugar-containing liquids with dry ingredients in a ratio of up to 75% by weight of the dry material. The new Pegasus® Continuous Mixer primarily prevents ingredients from becoming extremely sticky, from caking or lumping.

Flexible easy-to-clean continuous mixer
Mixing dry basic ingredients with a high percentage of sticky liquids presents a challenge for various companies in the food, feed, pharmaceutical and chemicals sectors. This is particularly true when other complex aspects also play a role such as hygiene, food safety, capacity, quality and efficiency. The new mixing system can homogeneously mix a large number of dry basic ingredients, after which the mixture can be mixed in with a roughly similar quantity of sugar-containing sticky liquid in a second stage. The system still functions effectively even if the dry basic ingredients vary in terms of particle size, bulk density and flow characteristics.

The new Pegasus® Continuous Mixer was developed completely in accordance with the practical needs and requirements of our clients. The fact that the mixing shafts can be detached quite simply from the rest of the system ensures that all parts can easily be accessed for cleaning purposes. Switching to a new recipe can be accomplished quickly and easily, as the system does not need to be cleaned in between.

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