News last update:6 Aug 2012

UkrAgroConsult developes Ukranian agricultural index

UkrAgroConsult Analytical Center has developed and is offering a new tool for forecasting capital markets and assessing the value of agricultural companies – Ukrainian agricultural aggregated index-UAIndex.

UAIndex is based on the market capitalization of companies.
Being a derivative of share quotes on trading floors of East Europe, London and New-York, UAIndex reflects the market’s average attitude toward Ukrainian agro-holdings as entities operating in developing markets.
The index is daily adjusted by UkrAgroConsult specialists on the basis of calculated potential revenues from sales of wheat, soybean, sugar, corn, barley and input costs.
The calculations of revenues/expenses are based on commodity futures.
The Index offered by UkrAgroConsult is a reliable forecasting tool based on the objective tone of the futures market.
UAIndex assesses the future value of companies against the background of the interaction of current factors.
More info: UAIndex.

Dick Ziggers

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