News last update:6 Aug 2012

Feed suspected source of US salmonella outbreak

Authorities in the USA have discovered what they believe is the source of salmonella which infected chickens in Iowa leading to the recall of half-a-billion eggs and over 1,300 illnesses.

The Food and Drug Administration released a damming report into conditions on one of the farms after testing found salmonella was present in chicken feed from a mill at Wright County Egg, the farm which was first recalled its eggs.
The mill was not regulated by the Department of Agriculture as it only produced feed for the Wright County operation and not for sale to other mills, the New York Times has reported.
A spokesman for Wright County Egg said the feed mill provided chicken feed to the only other farm affected by the outbreak Hillandale Farms, contravening rules on
Investigators are set to check records at the business this week to find out if feed was sold from the mill.
Wright County Egg is under significant pressure over the management of its operations with accusations of poor cleanliness and manure management, rodent problems and lax safety conditions for workers.
Source: Farmers Weekly Interactive



Dick Ziggers

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