News last update:6 Aug 2012

Company Update: New VP for Hamlet protein

Hamlet Protein has appointed a new vice president to lead its research and development activities. Katrine Hvid Ellegård takes over the top-tuned R&D programme that has made Hamlet Protein a respected player in the field of efficient, speciality ingredients for animal feed.

Generational change
The appointment is another step in a planned generational change. Katrine Hvid Ellegård will assume
R&D respon­sibilities from company founder Ole Kaae Hansen, who remains business development director and member of the board. In addition to supporting the new vice president, he will continue to be involved in new ventures and other management tasks. R&D Manager, Tommas Neve shall hereafter report to Katrine Hvid Ellegård.
Welcoming the appointment, CEO Søren Munch says: “From the very beginning, ongoing R&D has been an integral part of our company concept. The increased global attention on sustainable high quality proteins opens up for new opportunities which we shall pursue in order to stay ahead of the competition. Katrine has all the right qualities to bring our R&D forward.”
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