News last update:6 Aug 2012

EU delegation to review Bangladesh's aquaculture

A three member delegation of the European Union (EU) Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) are due to arrive in Bangladesh on the 24th March to review the countries fish farms and processing plants.

After the EU’s visit in July 2010 a 20% stringent mandatory testing requirements was imposed on Bangladeshi shrimp export. The upcoming visit is will determine whether or not that restriction will be removed.
Exporters and officials view the visit as crucial for the Bangladesh’s shrimp industry.
During the ten-day visit, from 24th March -2nd April, he team is expected to scrutinise the present situation in residues control in living animals and animal products and the control of veterinary medicinal products - measures seen as key requirements for export of shrimps to EU.

The fisheries department said during the visit the EU delegation will monitor whether the country's farms, landing stations, depots and processing plants have enforced some key health and hygiene standards it suggested during its visit early last year.

Any deviation from the standards could lead to a bad report by the team and a possible ban on Bangladeshi shrimp export to 27 EU countries.

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