News last update:6 Aug 2012

German feed specialist invests in Saxony Anhalt

The Neuenkirchen-Vörden Germany-based premix and mineral feed plant Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung enjoyed the opening celebration of its new production facility in Haldensleben near Magdeburg over the weekend.

The plant has a capacity of 20,000 tons of blends, mineral feed and premixes per year, for adding essential nutrition, vitamins and minerals to compound animal feeds in 2-shift operation.
The plant was built on a plot of 16,000 square meters and required an investment of €7.5 million; 15 new jobs are created in administration, production and sales.
The expansion is fuelled by increasing demand from the German eastern states and from foreign countries. "We are responding to the needs of customers", reports managing director Dr. Bernhard Wesseling. The limits of our capacity at our facilities at Neuenkirchen-Vörden and Hessisch-Oldendorf have been reached."
Stepping stone
The plant is a stepping stone for Vilomix in the East-German region, with potential to develop more opportunities in the growing East Europe and Russian markets.
“The location is conveniently located traffic-wise, and has easy access to a loading port at the Mittellandkanal,” said project manager Dr. Andreas Dreishing. “This allows us the delivery of raw material by river barge.”
The project was supported from the European Funds for regional development – Investment in your future.

Dick Ziggers

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