News last update:6 Aug 2012

Peru fishmeal producer raises cash in Oslo

The Peruvian fishmeal producer Pesquera Copeinca has become the fist foreign fisheries company to trade shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Copeinca joins a peer group of nine fishing companies already listed on the OSE , the combined market capitalization of which is valued at close to US$8 billion.

The company is the first foreign fishing company to be listed and already around US$100 million of shares have been acquired by a group of 144 investors, mostly from Norway.
With the cash raised, Samual Dyer, the controller of Copeinca plans to complete the aqcuisition of Jadran, in a deal worth US$29 million.

About Copeinca
Copeinca, headquarted in Lima, is Peru's fastest growing fishmeal and fish oil producer. Depending on the annual country quota, Copeinca produces 80,000 – 100,000 MT of fishmeal annually from its five plants, most of which is destined for international markets. World demand for fishmeal is increasing, especially from China, which today is Copeinca's largest export market. Annual sales in 2005 were US$90 million.

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