News last update:6 Aug 2012

Successful trial run of Chinese largest capacity pellet mill

Developed and manufactured by Zhengchang (People's Republic of China), its SZLH1068 pellet mill has a capacity of 35-40 ton per hour, the highest capacity attained domestically. It will be put in use in a 160t/h feed plant run by the Hewei company.

The adoption of SZLH1068 pellet mill will greatly save the investment, production and management costs for the feed factory and create more value for Hewei.
Features of the SZLH1068 are:
  1. Variable frequency feeder is used. Double-screw variable pitch screw ensures even feeding of the feed;
  2. The main motor works at stable current. The round screw barrel can prevent upcoming steam;
  3. The extended and lengthened conditioner has longer conditioning time and better performance; Multi steam inlets ensure even addition of steam;
  4. External pneumatic discharge device can discharge feed automatically in case of blockage and magnetic at inlet of the chute can remove the magnetic impurities effectively;
  5. The die and driving wheel are fastened by screw so as to ensure good reliability and easy maintenance;
  6. The main drive adopts first-helical gear and between the motor and gear is snake-shape spring;
  7. The driving system is fixed with imported high-quality bearings so as to ensure long-term reliable operation of the equipment;
  8. The die hydraulic lifting carrier makes it easier to dissemble the die and roller;
  9. It has greater capacity and better pellet quality due to rising die speed. The improved feeding scraper distributes feed evenly to two press chambers so that it can discharge feed evenly;
  10. The self-service oil lubrication system lubricates roller bearing in fixed amount at regular time;
  11. With the adoption of external thin-oil cool and lubrication system, it can run successively for long time;
  12. The gear and shaft are made of high quality steel. With optimized driving gear design and advanced processing hot-treatment technology, the gear has longer life and reliable drive;
  13. The die is forged with high-quality alloy steel and drilled smoothly at one time by imported gun drill and multi-station drill group. The die has longer life with vacuum furnace and successive quenching furnace;
  14. Imported high-quality steam components are adopted to provide high-quality steam for the conditioning system. 
The SZLH1068 pellet mill is one of the national key science and technology support projects of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan. It is also the key promotion program of the national agricultural ministry of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan.

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