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Amandus Kahl wins Victam Innovation Award

In a head-to-head race the AllAboutFeed jury awarded the new crown expander from German equipment manufacturer Amandus Kahl with a golden award for the best innovation of Victam International 2011. Buhler and European Machine Trading gained silver and bronze respectively.

The new crown expander from Amandus Kahl is unique in a way that the expander process is now extended with additional shaping of the Expandat. This enables easy processing and pelleting of feed mixtures that are usually difficult or even impossible to pellet. The crown expander adds a significant increase to the flexibility of the expander process. New products can be manufactured for new markets.

Quiet pellet mill
The Kubex pellet mill from Swiss manufacturer Buhler received a silver award. This pellet press is the first pellet mill with direct drive concept and an anti blocking system (ABS) for the rolls. The new drive concept is groundbreaking. A special developed motor with direct drive reduces energy consumption by at least 15% and eliminates the need for V-belt changes. Also a variable die circumferential speed guarantees optimised pellet quality.


Portable big bag filling
A bronze award was presented to European Machine Trading from the Netherlands for their portable big bag filling unit.

The unit consists of a big bag filling machine in three containers of 10ft (3 meter) with a capacity of 60 tonnes per hour. The machine moves to the product that needs to be bagged, instead of the product being moved to the machines. This allows big savings in transport and handling costs and less damage to the product.

AllAboutFeed organised the Victam Innovation Award for the fourth time now. In total 22 innovations were presented to AllAboutFeed and Victam. This number is similar to the previous Victam exhibitions held in Europe.

More information about Victam International 2011 will be published in the next issue of AllAboutFeed. On the website you can view a short movie about the award ceremony and the winning companies.


Dick Ziggers

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